Scott Bradlees Postmodern Jukebox Closer Feat Kenton Chen

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Closer - Retro '50s Prom Style Chainsmokers / Halsey Cover Ft. Kenton Chen.MP3

Mmmbop Doo Wop Version - 1950s Style Postmodern Jukebox Hanson Cover.MP3

Hey Ya! - Vintage '60s Soul Outkast Cover Ft. Sara Niemietz.MP3

Grenade - Vintage '60s Style Bruno Mars Cover Ft. Brielle.MP3

All Of Me - Pmj: Reboxed John Legend Cover Ft. Brielle Von Hugel.MP3

Colors Of The Wind - Vintage '70s Soul Style Disney Cover Ft. Mario Jose.MP3

Say My Name - Vintage '60s Soul Ballad Destiny's Child Cover Ft. Joey Cook.MP3

Roxanne - Vintage '50 Rock'n' Roll Style Police Cover Ft. Dani Armstrong.MP3

Cold Water - Vintage Bluegrass / Folk / Old Time Major Lazer Cover Ft. Robyn Adele Anderson.MP3

Creep - Vintage Postmodern Jukebox Radiohead Cover Ft. Haley Reinhart.MP3

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